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At BrightBody we get healthy to lose weight. With health as the focus, and weight loss as the welcome and expected side effect, our patients end up looking AND feeling good, from the inside out!

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Comprehensive Medical Weight Loss Services

Our Weight Loss Program is designed to be comprehensive and flexible so patients can adapt our services to their unique needs and financial situations. At each Medical Weight Loss Appointment you will receive a medical weight loss evaluation and expert nutritional counseling. With those core services as the foundation you then discuss our optional add-on services with your doctor and decide what additional support you might need to reach your health and weight loss goals.

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Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them – every day begin the task anew. 

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Medical Weight
Loss Evaluation

An in-depth and enlightening discussion with our doctor. Included with Medical Weight Loss Appointment.

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Learn essential information for making wise food choices. Included with Medical Weight Loss Appointment.


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Appetite Suppressants

A short-term pharmaceutical choice when medically appropriate. Optional add-on, requires monthly medical appointment.

GLP-1's (Semaglutide)

A weekly injection for long-term weight management. Optional add-on, requires monthly medical appointment.

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Vitamin Injections

Lipolean, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D shots replenish the vitamins and minerals vital for efficient weight loss. Optional add-on.

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Protein powders, cold and flu defense, immune support, sleep support and other helpful non-pharmaceutical options. Optional add-on.

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Premier Services at a Reasonable Price

At BrightBody, we focus on what’s important for weight loss while keeping our prices as low as possible so we don’t break the budget. While Medicine can be a helpful tool to kick-start the weight loss process, our focus is to teach our patients how to maintain weight loss through nutritional counseling and healthy lifestyle change, which are services typically only offered at higher priced clinics. Ultimately, we offer the best value in town with high quality services at affordable prices.

High Cost Clinics

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Many Services but High Prices

Some expensive providers offer numerous medical services beyond weight loss.

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Low Prices AND Many Services!

We offer the best value with high quality services at affordable prices.

Low Cost Clinics

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Low Prices but Few Services

Some very low cost providers offer medication and little else.

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Amazing Weight Loss Transformations

A unique plan for every body. Talk with our team today and get one step closer to your dream weight and healthy lifestyle.

Read All The BrightBody Reviews
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This place is a must have if you're trying to lose weight and need assistance doing so. I love how sweet both Rhonda and Dr Tara Stoop are. I receive weekly text messages from the doctor about how my week is going. They do a really good job with fitting me in to their schedules. And to top it off I've been going since July and have lost 25 lbs with their help. I really appreciate the guidance I receive from them.

Porsha J

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Excellent service. The ND doctor Tara Stoop is very knowledgeable and informative. She really took her time to listen to my concerns and direct me. She was so genuine and I hope to see more doctors like her. The lovely person at the front desk also did my D3 shots, she was so accommodating and helpful to go through and explain the procedure. Will definitely bring the rest of my family here. Thank you so much!


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I’m so happy I made the decision to come here. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. I was seriously thinking of weight loss surgery. I was able to come in here and for the first time I am losing weight. The first week I lost 10 pounds following the program and here it’s now my 4th week and I lost 24 pounds!! In four weeks 24 pounds. I’m so excited to keep going and I might not need weight loss surgery after all!! Just by losing 24 pounds I sleep better and feel so much better. If you're thinking of coming here for weight loss, Just Do It! It will help you lose the weight!!!

Domonique B

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contracts to sign?

No, there is no long term contract to sign. This is a month to month program with lots of flexibility. Each month, you can decide if you want to continue to get support. Typically, people come in for 3-12 months depending on what their goals are and how quickly they meet them. Please note that in order to refill your prescription each month you do need to meet with the doctor.

Does insurance cover the program?

No, we do not accept any insurance nor do we bill insurance. However, in many cases you can use your HSA/FLEX account. Most HSA/FLEX cards are accepted however in some cases it is necessary to submit additional paperwork for reimbursement which we are happy to provide.

Do I have to take the medication to be a part of your program?

No, medication is optional and not everyone is a candidate for a prescription. Many people do the program successfully without the need for medication. You will be able to discuss your options in depth with the doctor during your appointment. Our Free Evaluation is an opportunity to get answers to some basic questions in advance.

If I have high blood pressure or diabetes, can I do your program? or use your medications?

You can absolutely participate in the program. In fact, our services are often very helpful in improving your health and addressing the root cause of these conditions. Many patients have been able to decrease or discontinue medications that they take for high blood pressure or diabetes as they lose weight and get healthy. 
However, we do have to get a healthy blood pressure reading in order to prescribe the appetite suppressant. If you are currently taking medication for high blood pressure you can take the appetite suppressant as long as your blood pressure is well controlled by your medication.

Do you take walk-ins or do I have to have a scheduled appointment?

Walk-ins are always welcome. However, if you intend to see the doctor we do recommend that you make an appointment as there is the potential that the schedule is completely booked. You can always check the doctor's availability that day by looking at our schedule online or calling in advance.

Do I have to see the doctor to get a refill of the prescription weight loss medication?

Yes. In order to refill your prescription each month you do need to meet with the doctor.

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At BrightBody we take a holistic approach to help you reach your health and weight loss goals. Talk with our team today to see how we can help you on your weight loss journey.

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