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The number on the scale does give us important information but analyzing your blood is a much more reliable source to guide your health and weight loss decisions.

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Is Your Weight Affecting Your Health?

We are here to help you understand how to use your blood test results to interpret your current state of health, and we utilize those results to make recommendations based on our expert experience and then track your progress as we work together. 

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Popular Blood Panels


Metabolism Status

This panel includes fasting glucose, hemoglobin A1c and insulin. These values define the state of your metabolism.


Vitamin D

This panel tests Vitamin D, 25-hydroxycalciferol. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with weight gain. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for metabolism, immune function and bone health among many other things.


Vitamin B12

This panel includes Vitamin B12 and methylmalonic acid. Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with weight gain. Vitamin B12 is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body that control fat and carbohydrate metabolism.


Basic Thyroid

This panel includes TSH, Free T3, and Free T4. Low thyroid function can contribute to weight gain and testing hormone levels in addition to the commonly tested TSH gives us a more complete assessment of thyroid status.


Comprehensive Panel

This panel includes all the other panels listed here as well as lipids, liver and kidney function tests, an iron panel and more. It truly is comprehensive and a great value!



Combine any of our other panels or create one from scratch with our doctor depending on your unique health needs and preferences.

How It Works

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Ordering Labs

Labs are often ordered during your medical weight loss appointment but can also be ordered separately. Coordinate with the doctor or a staff member to order labs and receive the required requisition from our office.

Please note we do not process these labs through insurance. In order to get labs done through insurance you would need to coordinate with your primary care provider which our doctor can facilitate if needed. However, most HSA or FSA funds can be used at our office.

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Visit Any LabCorp Location for Your Blood Draw

Find the most convenient LabCorp location by following this link and choosing “Routine labwork.” The LabCorp location that is closest to our office is 1228 Solano Ave, Albany, CA (510) 525-7921. Take the lab slip you received from our office to your chosen LabCorp Lab location.

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Prepare for Your Blood Draw

To prepare for your blood draw please follow these instructions:

  • Please fast for 10-12 hours before your blood draw. Water and herbal tea (no sweeteners!) are allowed and encouraged so you are hydrated at the time of your blood draw.
  • Do not take any medications before your blood test.
  • Go to the Lab in the morning, as early as possible.
  • Once your blood draw is complete you can take your medications and eat a fat-burning breakfast

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contracts to sign?

No, there is no long term contract to sign. This is a month to month program with lots of flexibility. Each month, you can decide if you want to continue to get support. Typically, people come in for 3-12 months depending on what their goals are and how quickly they meet them. Please note that in order to refill your prescription each month you do need to meet with the doctor.

Does insurance cover the program?

No, we do not accept any insurance nor do we bill insurance. However, in many cases you can use your HSA/FLEX account. Most HSA/FLEX cards are accepted however in some cases it is necessary to submit additional paperwork for reimbursement which we are happy to provide.

Do I have to take the medication to be a part of your program?

No, medication is optional and not everyone is a candidate for a prescription. Many people do the program successfully without the need for medication. You will be able to discuss your options in depth with the doctor during your appointment. Our Free Evaluation is an opportunity to get answers to some basic questions in advance.

If I have high blood pressure or diabetes, can I do your program? or use your medications?

You can absolutely participate in the program. In fact, our services are often very helpful in improving your health and addressing the root cause of these conditions. Many patients have been able to decrease or discontinue medications that they take for high blood pressure or diabetes as they lose weight and get healthy. 
However, we do have to get a healthy blood pressure reading in order to prescribe the appetite suppressant. If you are currently taking medication for high blood pressure you can take the appetite suppressant as long as your blood pressure is well controlled by your medication.

Do you take walk-ins or do I have to have a scheduled appointment?

Walk-ins are always welcome. However, if you intend to see the doctor we do recommend that you make an appointment as there is the potential that the schedule is completely booked. You can always check the doctor's availability that day by looking at our schedule online or calling in advance.

Do I have to see the doctor to get a refill of the prescription weight loss medication?

Yes. In order to refill your prescription each month you do need to meet with the doctor.

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