Weight Loss Program

BrightBody is helping thousands of people lose weight and live healthier lives through personalized wellness programs. Medically supervised and based on extensive clinical research, BrightBody offers nutritional science and 1-on-1 support that changes lives. Get a quick start using appetite control treatments and vitamin injections. Maintain for the long run when you add meal planning, education, and support.

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Vitamin Injections

Boost your metabolism and stimulate your fat burning pathways with vitamin injections. Get a natural rise in energy with Vitamin B12, an essential component of your metabolism. Or combine Vitamin B12 with LipoLean, a formula that contains the full spectrum of fat burning nutrients. Choose individual injections or cost-saving packages. Make an appointment online, over the phone or stop in anytime!

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Thyroid Care

Low thyroid function is very common and can be the underlying cause of unexplained weight gain. We take a functional medicine approach to diagnosing and treating thyroid. Getting properly treated for a low functioning thyroid can be a real life changer!

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Diabetes, Pre-diabetes

The wake-up call for many of our patients is a pre-diabetes or diabetes diagnosis from their primary care physician. We’re here to help you make corrections to live a longer and more active life with improved nutrition and weight loss. Some patients find that with weight loss, nutrition changes and our support, they can reduce medications and bring their Hemoglobin A1C readings back into the normal range.

High Blood Pressure

The root cause of weight gain often overlaps with the root cause of high blood pressure. When you address that root cause you will lose weight AND bring elevated blood pressure nicely down into the normal range. Lose weight while preventing and reversing disease at the same time! A win-win!!

Post Gastric Bypass

You got the surgery but did you get the nutrition and lifestyle training to make the most out of it? Learn how to eat to maintain the results from your gastric bypass or how to finally shed those last few pounds once and for all. Get this important education to make sure you never regain all the weight you lost after the procedure.



For many of our patients, understanding the underlying mechanisms for weight loss and healthy nutrition is key to maintaining their weight loss over a long period of time. Dr. Stoop teaches these concepts in her appointments so that you learn the science of weight loss and how to reset your metabolism.

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